YouTube Content – University of Birmingham

At the University of Birmingham I developed a number of new formats for the University’s YouTube channel.

The University’s YouTube content was key to targeting and recruiting prospective students, with content viewed directly on the channel or embedded on the University’s website.

I reviewed analytics of the channel as well as market research from our student audience and decided to implement a strategy based on reducing the length of videos on the channel, and making our videos more student-focussed.

I piloted and produced innovative new formats and approaches, asking current students at the University to have much greater involvement in the content of the films  – even writing the scripts and taking on production and presenting roles, guided by myself and the Creative Media team.

Once these pilots had been produced and published, they were then rolled out across the University to Colleges and Schools who had a blueprint and budget for making films of the same format.

One example is the Day in the Life series, where we asked current students from some key subject areas to work with us to create short films about a typical day studying their course. After we had piloted five of these videos, we were able to share the process and budget to enable Colleges and Schools to produce ‘Day in the Life’ films for their own priority subjects.

Day in the Life video series - University of Birmingham