BBC Food Social Media Content and Instagram launch

As part of a set of pilots designed to help inform the BBC’s digital strategy, I produced social media content to reach 16-34 year-old women using Food as a subject.

Reviewing research and seeing that this demographic are prolific on social media, we wanted to experiment with a purely social format – delivering valuable food content to users’ social feeds at key times during the day. ‘No Think Dinners was an idea I contributed as part of a brainstorm for the pilots, which was awarded funding to produce. I developed and delivered the campaign, working with our team’s Digital Designer and the BBC Food team.

The campaign included new content formats designed specifically for Instagram – a visual shopping list, delivered at lunchtime to help people to easily grab ingredients on their break or on their way home, and a 15 second ‘how-to’ video delivered in the evening to guide people through making the recipe.

The campaign was delivered on a brand-new Instagram channel for BBC Food, who now have 220,000 followers on the channel.